#tbt to Sunday when @matt.snyder and I had an impromptu photo shoot on some hay. #countryopulence #bumpkinchic #parttimemodel #usingmysurroundings

  08/28/14 at 11:31pm

Wir sind alle freaks.

  08/27/14 at 07:02pm

It was #nationaldogday or something, so here’s yet another picture of me pretend-sleeping with Stanley. 🐨 #stanley #aboyandhiscat

  08/27/14 at 12:12am

Nothing like warming red wine on a hot summer night.

  08/26/14 at 11:29pm

I have not worn my shorteralls nearly enough this summer.

  08/16/14 at 01:09pm

Any takers? No? ›

  08/11/14 at 12:53am

Wanna be my friend, too?

  08/07/14 at 09:07pm

Whose brilliant idea was it to put the stairclimbers on the mezzanine of the gym?

  08/07/14 at 07:30pm

Thanks, @nike, for the bitch slap of motivation while I was trying to get those 🍰s.

  08/06/14 at 09:03pm

you guys never got me a birthday gift, so you can get me these thanks.

  08/06/14 at 12:25pm

thedjf asked: Miss me?

fucking duh.

  08/04/14 at 12:15am

News flash. There’s water in my vodka.

  08/03/14 at 11:17pm

This blog has become nothing more than my Instagram feed.
What have I become?

  08/03/14 at 11:06pm

Performing yesterday at Jacob’s Pillow was a dream come true.

  07/24/14 at 07:19pm

Bday elfing it, close up. #wiwt

  07/16/14 at 04:11pm