Some canyon or ravine thing somewhere in Germany. And my favorite tourist pose thing. And my stomach. #details #succinct #somewhere #croptop

  11/08/13 at 05:16am

Sunny Switzerland selfie. (at Theater Casino Zug)

  11/03/13 at 09:37am

Oh yeah. We’re leaving tonight for a three week tour in Europe.

Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 16 cities. 21 days. Come visit?

  10/29/13 at 09:18pm

Apparently it’s #nationalcatday and I’m spending it en route to Europe so here’s a picture of Stanley helping me pack last night. #stanley #aircat #jetsetpet #eurocat

  10/29/13 at 09:12pm

The worst thing ever is being in NYC for a 6 hour layover, but not like BEING in NYC.

  10/29/13 at 04:40pm

just realized all my recent posts have been incredibly douchey. failing at tumblr 101.

  10/20/13 at 02:49pm

Went to Atlantic City and sat in a chair. #littlemanbigchair #denimondenimonikat #imnotamodel (at Revel)

  10/19/13 at 12:17pm

Bootie in your face #whaa? #amywinemouth #lukeandskywalker #twerkout #neighborshateus #ryanandkurt #kurtandryan @pixodix

  10/16/13 at 12:11am

Casual pic of me and my friend walking up Lafayette in the Village. (I’m on the right)

  10/14/13 at 08:31pm

Hey NYC.

In you.

  10/13/13 at 12:12pm

Today I learned my torso is too long to break dance. :***(

  10/11/13 at 05:55pm

I’m a boss ass bitch. #cakedup #amywinemouth #neighborshateus #bossassbitch #dumps #videohoes

  10/10/13 at 11:55pm

Morning coodles.

  10/01/13 at 08:22am

Ok now I’m happy. (at Hogsmeade Village)

  09/17/13 at 06:04pm

This is the face of someone with a back injury at Universal, whose boss told him he can’t go on any rides whatsoever and has become the group’s fanny pack. (at Universal’s Islands Of Adventure)

  09/17/13 at 05:25pm