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I’m going to be back inside you for one night only. And this time, with 7 other very attractive, super hot and sexxxy dancers. (Ok I’m just really trying to grab your attention).

We’re performing alongside a local Chicago company this Saturday, the 18th, at the Athenaeum Theatre at 8pm.

Even if you think you don’t like dance, you’ll like us. I promise.

Did I mention you’ll get to see me/us in very little clothing? Huh?

Either way, after the show I’ll be going out and getting Ms. Jackson nasty, so maybe I’ll run into you.

Or maybe not.

  10/17/14 at 12:01pm

Performing yesterday at Jacob’s Pillow was a dream come true.

  07/24/14 at 07:19pm

This is me and my nipples a-twirlin’.

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  07/29/13 at 01:45pm

hey! you can see me dance!

this is from a video shoot (no audience) we did this past winter, mainly for promotional material. the piece is a quartet entitled “Murmur”, and it shows the much softer side of the company’s repertoire. (it’s also got a whole long back story/meaning which I won’t get into). it also happens to be one of my favorite pieces we do, if not my number one. if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, and want to see me in tiny booty shorts doing some pretty dancing, I’d recommend taking a peek.

and in case you couldn’t tell, I’m the… not black one.

  07/01/13 at 06:49pm

Still coming for you, NYC. #NYC #dance #audition

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  05/11/13 at 05:51pm

No but seriously. How many more times am I going to have to post this for you to get the hint?

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  03/13/13 at 12:05am

Just gonna leave this guy here again…

(remember: my nipples).

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  03/03/13 at 11:36am

Oh hey Chicago friends. We’re (finally) doing a full concert in the city next month. If you want to see some incredible dance, and me, and me doing some incredible dance, and my nipples (yes! my nipples!) then you should consider coming.

(You seriously wouldn’t regret seeing my nipples. I’ve been working out a lot.)

  02/18/13 at 12:40am

Oh I didn’t tell you? We’re going on tour to Russia next week.


  12/11/12 at 01:35am

did a company photo shoot on Monday. this is the only publicized shot so far.

  08/22/12 at 09:06pm

Ask A LehrerDancer, Episode 1

The gang at LehrerDance sits down and answers your questions in the inaugural episode of ‘Ask A LehrerDancer.’ All questions are submitted by our loyal fans at

In this episode the dancers discuss their favorite pieces, favorite places to tour and what to bring with you when you’re on the road.

This is a pretty neat video series we’re doing. Watch it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll fall a little bit more in love with us me.

  03/01/12 at 10:04pm

Dancers on poverty line ›

I was going to just post certain snippets of the article, but screw it. While the numbers are specific to NYC, the underlying message is true for all professional (concert) dancers everywhere. TRUST. ME.

The average professional dancer in New York City earns only $28,000 a year, according to a study to be released Monday by Dance NYC. The amount is just above the nation’s poverty line.

Of that income, just 55% comes from dance jobs, on average. More than 40% of the dancers surveyed earned less than $5,000 from the dance industry, according to the report, “Dance Workforce Census: Earnings Among Individuals 21-35.” Two-thirds made less than $20,000 from dancing.

The study, which surveyed 1,231 dancers, is the first to focus on this age group, arguably the time when dancers are in their prime. This group also represents the future of the dance industry.

Just like struggling actors who have to work many jobs to make ends meet, it may come as little surprise that dancers are struggling as well. But dance advocates said they hoped that by releasing real data, more private and state funding would be given to the field.

“The value of this study is its presentation of the first concrete research relating to the untenable economic plight of young dancers, choreographers and administrators working within the dance field in New York City,” Beverly D’Anne, former director of the dance program at the New York State Council on the Arts, said in a statement. “If the passion, discipline and creativity of these individuals is not to be wasted, it must be allowed to flourish in a way that confirms that dance is, indeed, a respected profession.”

Indeed, more than 40% of the dancers surveyed work three to five jobs to make ends meet. Though 90% of the respondents have at least a college degree, a quarter of them reported working in restaurants or hospitality, while 22% said they had administrative jobs.

Nearly half of the group said they live in Brooklyn, while 94% perform in Manhattan. The majority of respondents, 73%, are so busy and strapped for cash that they only attend two or fewer dance performances a month.

“The reality of insufficient resources in dance and evidence that dance workers ages 21-35 somehow get by, even thrive, despite the odds, provide little comfort,” said Lane Harwell, director of Dance NYC. “For the future of the art form, we need to invest and think creatively about how to improve the lives of our workers, establish viable career paths, and nourish future leaders.”

and in case you’ve forgotten:
  02/28/12 at 06:29pm

Consider this your official audition notice.

  01/18/12 at 03:34pm

a brief recap of our Home Season concert this past weekend, featured on

find me!

  10/05/11 at 11:07am

LehrerDance, ready to premiere The Alliance at our Home Season concert, 10/1/11.

We’re a pretty epic company.

  10/03/11 at 05:17pm