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It’s snowing. I took a selfie. #me #waitingforspring #selfie #selfienation #gpoy #lindsayonown #kurtonown #wintertights #snowhat

  04/15/14 at 01:24pm

Casual pic of me and my friend walking up Lafayette in the Village. (I’m on the right)

  10/14/13 at 08:31pm

Important text messages.

  08/29/13 at 02:49pm

(This is my obligatory NYE post. A day late because that’s just what happens.)

Note: my top hat still wasn’t taller than George’s hair. And I think that’s the sign of a fashionable year to come.

  01/02/13 at 12:44pm

Sleighing the scene.

  12/08/12 at 02:45pm

Let’s forget about the fact that this is a picture of me taking a picture of a picture of me, and let’s focus on the fact that my modeling career (somehow?) died in 1998. Much like Naomi Campbell’s.

  11/21/12 at 11:54pm

I had to work at 6am this morning (is that even legal on a Sunday?) so I’m spending the rest of the day in a sea of Chunky Cardigan and Down Duvet.

  11/18/12 at 03:31pm

Me and my thinspiration 2k13.

  10/20/12 at 04:44pm

You know how some people just have a really great eye for interior decorating?
Well, I do not. But I do have beer.

And collar bones. Collar bones you could take shots out of.

  08/31/12 at 07:44pm


my best squirrelfriend is visiting from Chicago this weekend, and we’re heading to up to Toronto Friday night. any suggestions as to where we should stay/eat/shop/drink are greatly appreciated.

if, like me, most of your answers are based solely on others’ appearances, we look like this:

#gpoy  #toronto  
  08/20/12 at 11:38pm

new ears*, new hair, same old selfie.

#*pierced  #gpoy  
  06/29/12 at 05:41pm

This is the face of someone who just finished reading AND watching the entire Harry Potter series for the first time.

My life is over.

#gpoy  #death  
  05/07/12 at 07:17pm

I took it upon myself to try on G’s hat last night. It’s a size 7 and 7/8, and apparently they are only made to a size 8. He’s got the biggest dome in America.

And I have the smallest.

  05/01/12 at 04:59pm


  • I’ve felt so unbloggy lately, and I’m not entirely sure why. I guess my life hasn’t been too too exciting. it’s really all the same. rehearsal. teaching. work. the only new real excitement is G.
  • BUT. I told myself I wasn’t going to get all bloggy about G and how things are going in that sense. (really great though, by the way). I’ve got feelings about it all, but I don’t feel like the internet is the place for me to to put them right now. sorry.
  • today I started watching this season of Drag Race (without having watched any previous episodes really) just to see what the fuss was about. I see what the fuss is about.
  • for all you Potterheads, I’m having a bit of a hard time getting through Book 6. I don’t know why. I’m still in it to win it, but something about this year… I just want to get through it so I can watch the movie and move on to the Grand Finale and cry my eyes out for the rest of my life because it’s over and I’m STILL not a wizard.
  • I (still. continuously. forever.) don’t know what I’m doing with my hair. so I’m stuck looking like a Q-tip. probably until I change professions.
  • I still can’t wait to move to NYC. someone make it happen tomorrow please.
  • I didn’t know what kind of face I was expecting to make in a bed-phone picture, but then my flash was really wicked bright so I went for the nothing look. bro-ing it up I guess.
  • but I do think I totally captured a ghost in this picture. probably not, but whatever.
  • I can’t think of anything else.
  • love you all. except for a few of you.

[ADDENDUM: this picture looked far less when it was small. I promise I’m not an angsty meathead who always looks like he’s going to vomit. I smile!]

  04/05/12 at 01:32am

gpoy tonight.

  03/23/12 at 03:07pm